Wearing Panties With Wife

I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to wear some of her panties as we had sex. She said, "You know where they are." What music to my ears! I went and put on some of her black shiny panties and instantly got so hot. We had such nasty sex. We have been married for many years, and right away she was accepting of my love of panties. Tonight we went out, and she dressed like the total **** with a crotch less body suit and a bra with cutouts for her breasts to show. Of course, she was wearing tight jeans and a sexy shirt so you could not see what she had on underneath. We were so hot. She took me to the mall and bought me several panties and a black garter. We then drove to an event, and I started to play with her on the way. By the time we hit the parking lot, she was begging me to go to a darker area. I pulled into an isolated place and continued to play with her. She then pulled open my pants and started to caress me through my panties, and gave me such great oral sex. I do love to dress up when I am alone, and she says that is perfectly fine with her. I love that my wife is so kinky. Check out our profile for more about us.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

At first, my wife was similar and was very accepting of me wearing panties and other lingerie, even accepting me sleeping beside her in one of her nighties. But as time went on, she started to become much colder towards my dressing. When we finally divorced several years ago, now, she said something to the effect that she "didn't want to be married to another woman".

Gawd, what a great date...and great wife! I've been divorced nearly 30 years, but I think my ex-wife may have know of my "secret". I'm afraid she would have become a total dom, however, had I owned up to it. I'm not really the sub type, and don't think I could have handled that!