I Am Fm Under Trouser

I went to vinies and look for some worn panties. before i go straight to lingery box i Just look around the ladies skirts and tops feel them and i am always looking for a tight skirt. i was lucky on this day i found a black waist control upper and loose lower satin skirt. i bought it for $ 3.50. same day i bought one gstring for 50cents and a light control brief for $ 2.oo . how lucky i was .
Following week: i shaved my legs and all over and feel like a girl. have a morning shower . apply cream and on my legs and body . wear the g string first and then the light control brief. wear stick on breast cups. then the waist control skirt. look in front of mirror . its soo beautiful.
unfortunately i can not go to work like this . i wore a waist on top a T shirt and then loose trouser . But i was a lady inside. but no one knows. i am very happy and horny with this suite to go to work .
clingwrap clingwrap
36-40, M
Jul 26, 2010