My First Date Dressed Part 4

I got out of Adam's car at his apartment complex. He was waiting on me to come around of his side of the car. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. This was really going to happen! He rested his hand on my bottom and walked me to the elevator. "I'm on the 5th floor" he said as he pushed the button. We were alone in the elevator and he pulled me close massaging my *** with his hand. We stepped out on the 5th floor and walked to apartment D and he opened the door and we walked in. It was a nice place, very clean. I sat my purse down and he came up behind me all hands. He was all over me and I loved it. His tongue was down my throat and I finally put one hand down to his crotch. "Take me to bed Adam. Now!" I wanted him inside me. I took off my blouse and my mini skirt, standing there in my red bra and satin red string bikini panties. "Put the heels back on Michelle" he said in a commanding voice. It turned me on. I stepped back into the shoes and walked toward the bed he was stretched out on. I crawled on top of him and unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them off while he took care of the shirt. His **** was rock hard. I wanted to leave the bra on because I was wearing the breast enhancers and I didn't want him to see me looking flat chested. I licked his **** up and down slowly with my tongue and kissed his balls. He was ready. "Time to lose the bra and panties Michelle." "Adam I really want to keep my bra on. It's a long story but I please let me keep it on." He smiled back at me and replied "You have to do something when I say please later then...." "Anything" I replied as I slid my panties down my beautiful long legs until they hit the floor. I crawled on top of him and he was kissing my neck my shoulders, my lips and then my neck again. He turned me around and grabbed my hips in a single motion. He took some lube and put it on his **** from a drawer in the nightstand. "Be careful with me Adam, I've never done this before." I couldn't believe that escaped my lips! "Then I'll have to be sure and show you what you've been missing" he said in that commanding tone again. I liked his tone, it was sexy. Then he was inside me. Adam was big and wide. He was prob 10". He was pushing it in slowly but not too slow. It hurt but it was different. I didn't want him to stop. He kept pushing. "Michelle, you are really tight but I'm going to take care of that" Adam laughed. He started to pump my *** then, slowly then harder and a little faster. He slapped my *** cheek "Come on baby! Who's the man? Who's the man that ***** you better than you've ever been ******?" I was overwhelmed by his **** in my ***. I just moaned "**** me baby! **** me please!" He slapped my *** cheek again, harder than before. "Talk to me Michelle, it turns me on. Talk dirty to me." I had to think of something. ****! "Gimme that **** baby" I moaned "I need your ****!" This gave him a 2nd wind and he dug his fingers into my hips and went at me hard again. This guy was incredible. "Who's *** is this?" he yelled. "Your *** baby. Anytime you want it!" I squealed. God he was hard. "I'm about to come!!" He yelled at me. "Come for me baby" I breathed back. He pulled out right before he came and shot it all over my ***!! It was a huge load. I went to the bathroom and took tissue and wiped it off and came back out. He was stretched out on the bed, all content with himself and that was fine. I was happy with him too. I snuggled up beside him and he put his arm around me. "My roommate will be in here later and he's a real lady's man. When he gets here will you PLEASE have a 3 way with us? You can keep the bra on again... Part 5 coming soon!
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Oh My God!! You are so damn hot!! Sexy story!!


AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep them ******* !

Part 5 next week!

sounds super hot, Im horny just of the thought of it, I would love to do a foursome


Love the story but would love to have more details.

Part 5 will be more.....

They are getting shorter, but grear non the less ;) Now we just need some more pics of Michelle

I'll have to remember that! Thanks for reading!

So we only get the one sexy pic :( J/K, but I'm sure I can speak for everyone else, that we would LOVE to see a few more ;)