My First Date Dressed Part 5

Adam's friend Tom was here and Adam walked out of the bedroom. I could hear some mumbling and Adam walked back in. "Tommy is in if you are baby." I looked at Adam "Will it turn you on as much as the idea turns me on?" He pointed to the huge bulge he had in his boxers and I knew the answer. Time to take it to the next level I thought. I was weaing nothing but my red bra and red string bikini panties and I had my heels back on because Adam really wanted me to keep them on. "Mike I have someone for you to meet!" he called as he led me into the living room. Mike was standing in front of the couch. "Damn girl I love the way you walk," he growled. He was 6'2 about 200 lbs. He walked over to me and circled me like a hawk ready to ****** it's prey. He gently rubbed my *** with his hand. "Nice Adam, where'd you find her?" Adam responded "Look at her legs Tommy, isn't she just perfect?" I was really getting turned on now. "Just one rule Tommy, Michelle wants to keep her bra on." "Her **** look good to me, if she leaves the bra on she's going to have to really please me" Tom said with a smile. "Just look at that *** Tommy. Jesus!" "I want to see the top of her head Adam." Tommy pulled down his trousers and sat down on the couch I looked at Adam and he motioned for me to get down on my knees. I did and I took Tommy's **** in my mouth. He wasn't as big as Adam but he was long, about 8". I massasged the mushroom head of that **** like I had seen women do in the ***** movies I had watched. I took my tongue and teased his shaft massaging his balls with my tongue. "Damn Adam this girl gives good head," he groaned as he put his hand on my head. I didn't need his hand there to know what I needed to do! "Oh ****! Oh ****!" Tommy yelled. Then he came in my mouth. I almost choked but I didn't. This guy had a lot of ***. "Now for the best part" Adam said. He took my hand and and had me stand up. He got behind me and slid my panties down my legs and I stepped out of them. He led me to the bedroom and Tommy followed. He got undressed and laid down on the bed. "Come here Michelle and take care of me with your mouth while you take care of Tommy with your moneymaker. Leave the heels on." He was really getting off on this, he was rock hard. I began to go down on him while angling my *** in an provocative way waiting for Tommy. I saw Tommy get some of the lube off of the nightstand out of the corner of my eye. "I love your mouth" Tommy groaned. I took his 10" all the way on the deepthroat and held there without gagging for a few seconds. He was in total bliss as I came back up to the head of his **** and started massaging it with my tongue. Tommy grabbed my hips and entered my ***. Oh God it felt good. "Michelle don't stop" Adam pleaded and I licked his shaft like an icecream cone and went back to playing with his balls and was getting ready to do the deepthroat again. Tommy felt sooooo GOOD. He gently patted my ***. "Damn you feel good baby" I whispered to Tommy. Tommy knew how to ****, period. He had found his rhythm with my *** just like my mouth had found Adam's beat. He reached down and started playing with my penis with his hand. I hadn't expected that, Adam hadn't touched my penis earlier. "Feels good baby?" Tommy breathed. "Yea...!" I stammered back. Adam's **** was delicious and Tommy was pure pleasure inside me and playing with my penis. "I'm going to come!" Tommy was yelling. "Wait! Let's all come together!" Adam replied. "Are you close Michelle?" Tommy growled. Tommy had really been taking care of me with his hands and his ****. "Close" I whispered as I brought my mouth of off Adam's shaft. "Oh God! I'm coming! Adam yelled as I brought him to climax and Tommy shot his load into my ***. Just then I came in Tommy's hand. God what a release. Tommy pulled out and kissed my right *** cheek and went to the bathroom. I rolled over beside Adam, he was as glassy eyed as I was. Adam looked at me smiling. "So can I call you sometime Michelle?" I couldn't help but wish that Tommy would call instead..... I really needed to talk to Jennifer and Cindy when I got out of here!
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Oh my God baby!! So sexy!! And you let Tommy *** inside you!! And he was so into you, that he made sure you ***!!!

That was one incredibly HOT story.....OMG!!!

Dam-Dam-Dam- Baby. What a story. I was hanging onto every word. Its like I could see you in your Bra & Panties & Heels. So Hot.

Absolutely awesome girl. I love what you love. I can almost taste that hot load of *** right now!!! Mmmmmm!

Awsome story!

Love the story and thae way it progressed, gradually and romantically...

Someday I'll have 2 at once.....I bet it was amazing...thank you for sharing hon

love the story i am rock hard

That's why I write!! ;)

AWESOME, I'll take Adam if you really want Tommy

Thats a wonderful ending to the story. What a night. I am so glad that you got your wish and had your body rocked.

That's hot! What fun was had by all.

Again another Winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the way the story has been going. I hope there are many more for us & keep up the GREAT work ;)

Thank you! I love to write stories on the site for my girls to read!