Wearing A Cami And Panties

It feels so nice to wear lingerie like a cami and panties under you clothes. They are hidden and the softness of the cami and the straps feel great on your shoulders. Wearing panties is such a nice feeling too. Once in a while you can lose your concentration while in a phone meeting. Shopping for lingerie is lots of fun too. I've stopped into several stores that I saw and they only carried sizes small, medium and large. There are larger women who want nice things too. Good things for the internet and on-line shopping.
jml2000 jml2000
61-65, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

I love to visit lingerie shops dressed in my undies, stockings, suspenders and panties.
I ask the girl behind the counter to help me choose my purchases selecting the sexiest flimsy garments, I tell her the underwear is for me and she chooses my size looking me over. she says 'size 14 for my panties and 38B cup for my bras'
I take the items into the changing room, ***** down to just my stockings and try on the undies I have chosen, my favourite thing is to try on a basque which you fasten up before pulling it on over your now semi erection. they tell you not to take off your own underwear but I do anyway.
it's a great feeling to know that the girl could come in and see you dressed in this lovely lingerie.

You are naughty. But it is so much fun shopping for lingerie.