I wear panties everyday.

Yes I do have some guy underwear, but I save those for when I go to the doctor. My wife is worried what would happen if I was in an accident and wound up in the hospital what would the doctors/nurses say. I tell her that she can say that she makes me wear them, but she still crazy about the idea of being caught wearing panties.

My wife supports me, but she does not participate with me except for shopping with me. She never says anything when I buy something new, but I know she would be thrilled if I stopped.

My wife and I work different shifts at the moment, so before I go to bed I just love to slip on a long silky nightgown. Other nights after my shower I will put on a nightgown and just lounge around the house.

I also have several bras and a pair of breast forms. I also have several pair of thigh high stockings, and one corset.
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Been there, done that, the doc's and nurses dont care. Most of the problem is in our own heads. Do what feels good and dont worry what others think, they are not you!!!