My Panties Story


It all started sometime back in middle school, and I am now in my early 20's. I don't know what it is, but I just love wearing them. I love how my **** feels in them. I love to wear them while I ********** to panty related ****. It just feels amazing!! I love to lay in my bed and just have a good jerk with panties wrapped around my ****. The best **** is shemales having sex while wearing panties or thongs, and seeing them "pop a tent" with their **** protruding the material of the panty. It just drives me ******* wild!! I wake up in the mornings sometimes, and I just get the biggest and hardest erections. Sometimes I'm too tired to jerk myself at all, but then other times if its a HUGE erection, then I will ********** my **** while wearing panties. If i have enough energy in the morning, I will put a bras on, and a girls T-shirt as well, and just lay in my bed and look at myself while I stroke myself. When I am getting ready to ***, I grab another pair of panties that I chose to *** into... It feels great to blow my load into silky nylon panties, its such an amazing feeling. After that I will just lay in bed with my *** soaked panties, and try to get every last bit of *** out of my ****.

My favorite kind of panties and thongs are nylon, silky, or mesh. Each has its own awesomeness. I mainly love to wear the fishnet underwear while stroking myself with the silk or nylon underwear. Sometimes though I will wear the nylon or silk as well. Stroking myself with fishnet though... Not really comfortable.. I love panties. Like a lot of other guys that say it, I just feel sexy in them, and their are always cute pairs to choose from. Their is nothing like that for guys, and that makes me sad. There is a store online called "" but it costs a lot per item. Its just way easier to go to a retail  and lingerie stores, and find multiple pairs of thongs and panties to buy. If I am feeling rebellious, I will sometimes steal from the stories.. But that only happens very rarely.


When I am wearing panties, I love how the material feels against my skin and my ****. Its great. When I am stroking myself, I lover feeling the material with my free hand and groping it. When i am wearing a thong while ************, I like to pull on the back of it and see how far it can be shoved up my butt. I like to see if I can pull it up to my shoulders without breaking. If I can, its like I am wearing a sexy 1 pieces swimsuit for women. Its amazing when I can do that. (I'm getting horny just as I am writing this and thinking about it.)

One thing though, is that I hope to be able to tell my girlfriend about my lingerie fetish. I think it would be fun for the both of us, but I just don't know. I know that I am not at the point yet where I am comfortable with it.. I do have a feeling though that she has her suspicions... I've had a couple of close calls in the past..

Anyways, That is my story for now. I will probably write more in the future. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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7 Responses Jul 23, 2009

You should wear panties and suck a she male at the same time. It's so hot to do that. I love panties also. Come join us. You'll love becoming a sissy **********. The feel of a **** in your mouth while wearing panties is everything!!!

i agree about shemales and their bulging tents

Don't wait to share your enthusiasm with your girlfriend!

Always enjoy the sexually tension and don't rush. Make it the best each time.

Always enjoy the sexually tension and don't rush. Make it the best each time.

Panty ************ is icredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Especially if you've stolen panties from one of your friends wives. Love to fill stolen panties with *** then let me get crusty and them return them to their owner full of dried ***.........................secretly of course.<br />
<br />

great story. I would love to share more with you. If you would like to chat or cam, let me know.