I Am Too.

Yes, I'm one of those guys....who loves wearing womens lingerie. My first touch of nylon was when I was 15, and the passion for womens wear, outer and inner, has only grown over the years. Now I'm old and yet cannot give up my NEED for the femme.  Feminine lingerie is so much more comfortable, colorful and the fabrics are so sexy. It too bad that society in general does not allow males to enjoy the advantages of womens clothing, all aspects of womens clothing. When I'm fully feminine I feel so much calmer and at peace with myself. I try to buy womens outer clothes that will not cause to much attention when out in public, neutral, even though they ARE womens.    Yes, I know , I'm still a wimp with no testes but that's the way I am.  I like being a sissy whenever I can. This is not to say that wimpy equates with sissy.

Did you ever notice how some gays denigrate, humilate sissy males, it's the same agenda that GGs have to put up with, that of second rate citizen. Femininity  on any gender is BAD they would have you believe. I'm embarrassed to be a white male.

phyllisfaggot phyllisfaggot
66-70, M
Oct 11, 2009