Nee Lingerie

I have been interested in wearing lingerie for a while, I had tried my wife's which was great but today was the day to get my own. I have purchased a  red and black silky thong with suspenders attached and a matching bra along with some seamed stockings. They feel great, so smooth, so sexy, all guys should try lingerie!

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wow...keep it up. the best part of update was " to pull stocking and hook it..."...something which i wanna so much feel

it's always nice to share but to have your very own panties to wear anytime or place is better, thanks for sharing and keep on wearing .

just love panties love silk biknis an thongs but i wear any panties i can have <br />
right now purple silk thongs panties

your thongs sound nice an sexy

I'm with ya ... there is nothing like feeling sexy lace or satin on your skin. I love the fact that I can wear panties and stockings under my regular clothes - bras are kind of hard to conceal!!!<br />
<br />
Definitively worth a try!

There is nothing better than good silk lingerie, the feeling next to the skin and the comfort, all men should be wearing silky lingerie, I think there are more out there than every one thinks.

So glad that you have embraced your Cd tendency's to the full and are enjoying yourself so much. I do know that lovely sensation you get when putting on stockings, and the feel of the suspender straps tugging the stockings as you move. Good luck with your basque hunt, I had one years ago but stupidly threw it away in a purge.

I also need to search for a new basque, I love the attached straps

Thanks for all your comments to my original post.. I though some of you might like an update...I have been wearing my own lingerie for a year now and never looked back, it feels so good and so right on me. I have many more items and would love to wear 24/7 one day. I feel at my sexiest and most vulnerable when wearing it. I love putting on my stocking and attaching them to the belt then slipping on my panties. I haven't advanced in my CD tendancies beyond lingerie and don't believe I will although do now also own camis etc, my next shopping trip needs to explore my search for a basque. If any guys reading this haven't tried it would be my advice, you seriously wont regret it.

all i can say is good for you . how was your shopping experience? exciting? did you just melt when you saw all the sexy and beautiful garments?

Sounds like a sexy outfit. And its so good to say <br />
<br />
"This is MY silky pantie and bra set, the smooth seamed stockings are MINE as well."

There is no greater feeling than pulling nylons on freshly shaved legs, it is incredible

I would love to see you inn that outfit. Let's chat sometime and compare notes.