I started shaving my legs about 15 years ago, not long after I began wearing pantyhose. If you're a guy who wears pantyhose (and there are a lot of us out there), you know that matted leg hair under sheer pantyhose looks terrible. But even if you never wear them out and about with shorts (which I do), there's still another benefit to shaved legs. Pantyhose don't slide down when you're legs are shaved.
Now that I've been shaving them for so long I could never go back now. I live the feel of smooth shaved legs and to be honest I think hairy legs on men is ugly.
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I have only blade shaved my legs once and I loved it, feels amazing

Not tried that but bet it feels good ;)

Not shaved my legs for months, wife hates it :(

Good point!!! No, she thinks guys should be hairy and that's the way it is

Mine does too. I don't get it though. From a strictly aesthetic view really hairy legs are ugly as hell! On the other hand smooth legs look good regardless off it's a man or a woman

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