Tampon Lover

i love to put a tampon in my *** Playtex super absorbency but to stop it from drying out my *** i use a syringe filled with water and shoot it up my *** after putting in my tampon, it swells up and softens up and i can wear them for hours at a time (overnight) with no discomfort at all then i put on my period panties with a few stains (red wine )and of course a liner . and go about my day i do this 24 / for 6 days  every month  ive almost be busted a few times changing my tampon in a public mens room  the crinkle noise of opening a tampon package or ripping off the backing to a pad just isn't something commonly heard in a mens room but that's part of the thrill for me, and if possible i love to leave the wrappers right on top of the trash where they will be seen after i have left the room
.     i was busted once where i work we have a unisex bathroom and i was doing my change and all of a sudden the door opened and in walked a co worker( i didn't lock the door i guess) she didn't see me changing or anything but the wrapper was sitting on the edge of the sink she quickly apologized and left  i thought  i got lucky and she didn't notice, till later when she called me over apparently the reason she was rushing in was she had just left before i came in and had forgot her purse in there and those wrappers weren't there when she left but she defiantly saw them now , she told me next time i was doing that she wanted to be there or she would tell the others in the office what choice did i have ? so 4 hrs later in we went she made it seem natural but when i was done changing that's when she added her ideas if i wanted to do that then i was to meet her at her place after work to be worked on firstly off with all the male body hair with neat cream. then trim my pubic region to a landing ***** and everything else GONE  leg pits chest she did my back and she told me if she seen hair back where it dosent belong again she would tell eveyone in the office its been 2 years and its been great !
saskdenise saskdenise
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Yes my wife and I have our period at the same time and I also love the feel of a tampon in me too as well as walking and sitting with a maxi pad between my legs! But the real thrill is when my wife pegs me with a *****, especially when she does it when we are going out filling and stretching me and feeling it as it pushes in and out as I walk and sit.

Have you ever try a butt plug?

I have:))

oh yes all the time as soon as i walk in the house !

yes its like heaven love to do house work while plugged

Omg, saskdenise, you sound like you're talking about me. That's exactly how I feel and what I do. . .minus the the office girl. Totally awesome!