The Pregnant Maid

Lady was going to be gone all day, and left me a large list of assignments to get done; the usual, laundry, mop tile floors, vacuum carpeted floors, etc. Of course i would have dinner ready for Her when She returned home. The list was not daunting, so i thought i might play out one of my fantasies while doing my work: the pregnant maid.
Before we were together, i had tried a pregnant scene, so i had an idea of what i would do this time.

First off, a large butt plug – this is always a good source of discomfort. Next simple paper clips on each nipple – not enough to cause too much pain, but surely not very comfortable. Then a white industrial looking mastectomy brassiere with pockets to hold some DD forms. A thong a size too small was the next layer followed by a loose fitting high waist panty girdle. In the front of the girdle i slipped a 16 pound bowling ball. To create a softer shape i added a bath towel as a layer between the ball and the front of the girdle (I did not pad the skin side of the ball; i wanted the hard mass to push on my tummy. Then i put on an all-in-one body shaper. Yes it pushed everything into my gut, but the large protrusion was still clearly evident.

Enough for the undergarments. Carefully i slipped my legs into white stockings and fastened them to the garter clips of the shaper. Over all of this i layered a hotel style maid’s dress; i bought it on-line and it was a size too big so it doubled perfectly as a maternity dress. A proper domestic pays attention to her feet as well, and i had a pair of sturdy Mary Janes with about a 1-1/2” wedge.

Dressed, i was now ready for my chores. i did not realize how precarious it would be to carry a full laundry basket down the stairs, my vision impaired by the DDs on my chest and the bulge in my tummy. All of my chores took longer than usual, by the time i was about ½ done with the list i was very fatigued. Of course the penalty for not completing my duties would be far worse than any temporary aches and pains. My butt ached from the large plug, my nipples were so tender from the small clips, my shoulders and back were worn out from arrying the extra weight. In short i was a wreck.

By the end of the day, i finished all of the side dishes for dinner and could take off my garb. What a relief. It was only about 8 hours! WOW, Real Women go 270 days – amazing. My hats off to Them.

redlace redlace
61-65, M
Jan 20, 2013