For a long time, I've wanted to be pregnant.  I've been interested and attracted to pregnancy ever since I learned the word.  It has only been within the past few years that it's really hit me that I can't get pregnant.  I've only recently realized that it'll always be up to someone else to live the experience for me.  Sometimes I really think that I was born in the wrong gender's body.

I wouldn't want to be a pregnant man though.  I'd have to be a woman, since that's a little more natural and less socially awkward.  I would desire a more feminine body to match my desires and feelings.  So that would have to happen first.  I'd be perfectly fine with having sex with a man in order to get pregnant.  That would probably be the least of my worries.  I would just want to be pregnant.  Maybe with twins too, the bigger the better, just as long as it's natural.  I've always loved the thought of having about six growing kicking babies inside of my tummy.  Any pregnancy I get I'd want to get as big as possible.

I want to be pregnant for that belly, and the life inside it.  I want to feel my body transform and fill with life.  I'd hope I wouldn't get morning sickness but I'd endure because I know what would follow.  I want to watch my belly grow, little by little, week by week, until I can feel a life form moving inside me.  That must be the most amazing and surreal feeling one could possible have, simply being somewhere and feeling something, no, someone else inside you move, letting you know that you are doing a fine job protecting and caring for it.  I would love my belly and what's inside it.  Even though I'm male, I feel I have very nurturing and maternal tendencies.  I often dream of a nice summer's night where I sit in my bra and underwear, just stroking my big, round, fleshy belly and feeling the life inside of it.

At the same time that I want to be solemn and motherly, I'd like to explore pregnancy sexually too.  I doubt that I could ever see my pregnant body as anything other than sexy and beautiful.  I'd want to explore myself in a lot of ways while I was pregnant.  Squirting milk when I start lactation, doing it with guys and girls and more than one person.  I'd love to have someone that worships me the way I do pregnant women.  There would be times where I would just want to feel like lord and master of the sexual universe.

I'd want to get big too...really big.  I want people to walk up to me, ask me when I'm due and be shocked to hear that I'm earlier than I appear to be.  I'd love for people to think I was having twins; and if I were having twins I'd love for people to think it was more.  I'd be very open about my pregnancy, and wouldn't buy too many articles of clothing of size.  The rate at which I outgrew my clothes would be a great gauge as to how big I'm getting, and of course, I'd have absolutely no problem flaunting my pregnancy when I was in public.  I'd buy the normal fare of clothing at the beginning: T shirts, tank tops, dresses, other odds and ends that I'd like to see myself pregnant in, and then likely try not to buy anything else for the rest of my pregnancy.  Anyone who asked questions would receive a gleeful response, and anyone brave enough to ask for a feel would certainly welcome to one.  I would be committed to loving every minute of my pregnancy.

I'd be active until birth.  Birth is something I'd definitely be apprehensive about, considering I have a low pain tolerance, but I'd still like to give birth naturally.  I want a full pregnancy experience, and to me, that's part of it.  I think that after it's all done I'd probably miss being pregnant, but would still harbor a deep love for the child that lived inside me for the past nine months.  There's no doubt in my mind that I'd feel a very similar connection to that child once it's outside of my body.

I just have a huge desire to be pregnant, to carry life inside of me, and to feel the warm embrace of motherhood.  It kind of bugs me when some women lament being pregnant, or hate the experience or think just about the ends and not the means.  Pregnancy is something to be appreciated, and I don't like it when there are some women who don't realize that there are other women, and even men, who would have that experience any day.  I really wish that I could get pregnant and experience one fo the most amazing things that a human can experience.  I suppose I'll just have to do all I can from the sidelines when the time to have children arrives in my life...

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

As a pegnant man I would care less what others would think,the only thing that matters is my partner.

So well put! You have nicely expressed my sentiments as well. Thank you - i will re-read this story often.