Bras For All

I love the way they feel and wear one often. I'm a streight guy and don't do any other crossdressing. I'm sure there are others out there and plenty who think it is down right weird. That's fine as I to think it is a little odd. Love to hear from some others who enjoy bras be it guys or gals. Take care
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I'm a guy and wear a bra any time I can and I'm a natural 34B so it's impossible not to see it when I do. I absolutely want to wear a bra every day, all day. Yes, it's weird but it feels so right that I don't care anymore about what people think.

It may be a bit out of the ordinary. But nothing wrong if you wear a bra. After getting introduced to girdles by my wife I tried one of her bras just for fun. I liked the feeling and now have my own bras. And I wear one whenever possible.

I love wearing bras, of course. I feel so womanly when I adjust the straps or pull down the front. I do anytime I need too and I really don't get too many odd looks. It love it.

I am a straight guy who dresses as a casual woman everyday. I love wearing a Bra and panty. I wear Cacique bras from the Lane Bryant store some of the most colorful and comfortable BRA's you will ever wear

For me there is no better feeling than wearing a bra. I can't wait to get home and put on a bra.

why wait until you get home? :)

yes, I agree Alanis... i used to wait, but decided I'd rather undress for work and enjoy the day in panties, pantyhose and bra at work... makes the day much better!

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do any of you find yourself enjoying a certain kind of personal/intimate "excitement" feeling, when you go out and about wearing your bra under your regular clothing?<br />
do you frequently look around to see if anyone notices, and feel an increase in the "excitement feeling" when you spot someone possibly wondering?<br />
has anyone found themselves often becoming so aroused by those "exciting" situations, that you enjoyed having an "auto-erotic ***********", right then and there? <br />
or is it just me

yes, i do enjoy the excitement of getting spotted wearing a bra by a female. i go for my morning walks wearing a bra under my t-shirt. since it's morning, it's still quite dark so it's a little difficult to tell if i'm wearing a bra. but on a couple of occasions, while my t-shirt was wet with perspiration, i noticed these 2 ladies (on separate occasions) stopping and looking at me. they probably saw my bra. love the feeling. it got me extra hard and i had to blow my load off as soon as i could.

i know exactly what you mean. now imagine how i feel, when anyone can see my blouse opened and sporting an envious cleavage from my pair of 38-D's.

i just love the feel of wearing a bra

Nothing wrong with a guy who wants to wear a bra. I started with wearing girdles and stockings and the bra came later. But for me the bra is just faszinating. I love to wear a bra with forms and to show some nice projection. Although I get some curious looks I´m self-confident enough so that I don´t care. For me nothing comes close to feeling the bounce of "my breasts" with every step.

I love the feel of my tight bra on my ****. enjoy!

i agree with roxanna. enjoy wearing whatever brings you personal and intimate pleasures, for as long as you can. the worst thing that will happens to those who give in to silly inhibitions and go through life wondering. is that one day, when they are much older, they will suddenly wake up one day, too old to do what they had always wanted to wear, and HATE themselves for never ever having experienced it.<br />
i'm a "seasoned citizen" now. and i THANK GOD, that i have enjoyed everyday of my life being diapered 24/7, and all the years of going out and about experiencing what it felt like wearing everything a girl wore.<br />
please! enjoy YOUR life. it's nobody else's, but YOURS! so, don't waste a minute of it, by giving in to what other people will "think". because when you get to my age. you want to savor the memories of having enjoyed all those wonderfull sensations of what you have always like to wear, anywhere and anytime YOU felt like it.<br />
I sure have!<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
<br />

I f you enjoy it why not the more you wear femme items the more you will feel like it is right for you have fun on your journey<br />
<br />