Wearing A Bra Used To Be An Option For Me. But Now I Need A Bra 24/7.

It was on my 15th birthday, that i negotiated with my Mom a "compromise", so that she would finally start adding "big girl's" clothes and lingerie to my wardrobe. Reluctantly, one of the very first things we bought that day, was a bra. I can still remember enjoying one of my "auto-erotic ejaculations" inside my diapers, as she fitted it on me.

I was almost 19, when my Mom passed away. By then, i had absolutely no interest in looking or dressing like a boy. So, i went on to explore the rest of my life as a gurl. After 18 months of testing and therapy in a pre-op program. I was told the reasons why i wasn't a good candidate for "the cut", and then given an ongoing hrt prescription for my future as a fulltime (t)gurl.

For 30 years, i enjoyed a very satisfying feminine lifestyle. My breasts had developed better than i had expected. They were firm enough, that i could enjoy comfortably sleeping without a bra, or not wear one at all whenever i wanted to go out in public showing gg's "living proof" that mine were REAL too!

Never expecting to fullfill the interests of a real (gg) woman for anykind of real m&f relationship. I just went on with enjoying my bisexuality, pleasing those who accepted me as a gurl. Then, one day i caught the attention of a very special lady. Within a year we got married.

I've been happily "married with children" for almost 17 years now. And although i had to discontinue hrt and transition towards looking and dressing like a "dad", when the kids were toddlers. My breasts never actually disappeared as originally expected, when hrt is discontinued. According the doctor, i would have more than just overextended breast tissue. I would have what was referred to as "residual breasts" for the rest of my life. Which was a challenge, since i was otherwise a GUY in all other appearances. So, with the help of my wife, i learned to deal with wearing minimizer style bras to work and camoflaging my other bras under dark coloured shirts and blouses or those with prints. Not that they always worked in hiding my breasts or bra straps etc. But at least kept people guessing.

Then, a couple of years ago. Mother Nature hit me with a whammy, just as i was turning into my senior years. According to the doctors, 30+ years of being on feminine hormones during my previous lifestyle. Had set something up that would affect my body, when my senior years would be producing less male hormones. In otherwords, what has happened, is that my body has gone on to developing more female hormones than usual.

So, as of my last professional bra fitting event at Macy's a couple months ago. My pair of "residuals" are now a pair of wide and full 38 D's or 40 C's, depending on style or brand of bra. And their weight is such, that wearing a bra is no longer an option, even for sleeping. And there's absolutely no way to effectively camoflage or minimize them anymore!

The kids are teenagers now. And they have matured enough, to where we've been able to explain more about why i have women's breasts, and also tell them a few things about my feminine upbrining and previous lifestyle. Hopefully, in a couple of years, when they go to college. My wife says, that i should be able to return to how i was when she first met me.

But until then, to everyone else. I'm a guy who has big **** and wears a bra. Lucky me!? :)

God Bless and keep you safe.

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I'd say lucky you. A mother and a wife who loved you and supported who you are. Definitely lucky. Add me? Kisses,

I wear a 40 C cup bra myself and fill it out very well. I have had large woman like breasts since I was 11 years old. My mother made me wear a bra growing up because I had larger breast then either her or my older sister, and my wife of 25 years also has had me wearing a bra since we have been dating....I love it when she fondles my beasts and plays with my nipples through my bra, she teases me all the time telling me how my breasts are larger and fuller then hers

glad to hear that your mastectomy went well. and i can relate to the advantages that wearing support style bras give. especially now, that my residuals have become heavier and wider. as for "concealing" your bra. it's not as much the looseness of the shirt you wear, as in your sweatshirts, that help. but, it's in the "camoflage" effect, that will help you better. for example, dark coloured shirts are just as effective as "loose" fitting sweatshirts. likewise, patterns, striped, or checkered shirts will make it just as difficult to notice your bralines. <br />
<br />
also, since there's been a fashion trend in making women's clothes to look more masculine. you can find many women's blouses available in the "menswear style". you might consider shopping for those to wear over your bra instead. in my case, women's shirts and blouses are best for me. <br />
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no, it's not a challenge at all. i've been wearing highly visible cloth diapers with plastic/rubber panties 24/7 all of my life. so, at an early age, i outgrew any of those silly inhibitions about everyone seeing that i was well diapered "like a baby". <br />
and as for wearing a bra all the time now. the only time it's a hassle, is when i need to be discreet at work, or when we're going out with friends. <br />
otherwise, it's all about enjoying my life as i have always done eversince i was a kid. diapers and dressed in gir's attire.<br />
no challenge there!<br />
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thanks, for your comment.<br />
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God Bless and keep you safe,<br />
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you're exactly right, sammi. but, there's more, especially if you're "married with children" like i am, and have to transition to "male mode" for work and other outings.<br />
thanks for your imput.<br />
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Good story and well written. Thanks Alice.<br />
I think that what Sue doesn’t get is having breasts is one thing, but once you get into the league of the D cup you have to deal with physical discomfort and back pain from the extra weight on your chest. It’s not all sunshine and roses.<br />

Think so? Let's chat and see. Send me your email, or ask for mine. And we can see how much we have in common, and i can share with you all about what it's like to be a guy having **** and needing to wear a bra all the time. <br />
<br />
And, thanks! I appreciate your comment.<br />
<br />
God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
<br />

would love to have that trouble.