I Love Wearing Bras

Since ever I was a little kid, I have always like to wear my mom's underwear. This is not something I thought about doing, I just looked at them and wore them out of instinct. But I always have a thrill wearing the bra, and now that they fit nice and thight, it is incredible how good they feel, I just completly love them. But after all the arousment, I still were them because they feel so good. I love the way the straps fall on my arms, it makes me feel so femenine and so sexy.
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2010

i love that felling to. it make me fell sported

Full: Try www.ladygrace.com they have many different bras and in many different sizes. Your best bet is to search by bra size.

Well, I did start "wearing" boobs (but it means I'm a 40B !! Not so common to find a bra for.) And I simply had to shave my lower legs for sheer stockings ... so now I look odd, half shaved for me, half hairy (under my skirt) for my wife!

I did once, and yet I've always felt I have nothing to put in one, and that with a hairy chest they look silly.<br />
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But now I just don't know; maybe forms are the next step - and it will be my wife who goes hairless!<br />
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I started shaving my underarms and ploughing a deep neckline in my chest hair. My wife noticed and hasn't made much of it, but maybe she senses that the neckline is getting deeper every time. And she does like her hairy man ... Oh dear; every stage is a struggle amd I just want to be free.