Dang Target

I don't shop much. That's always been my wife's venue. But she was under the weather this week and sent me out to Target to get a few odds and ends and, while I am notoriously cheap and seldom spend money on myself I figured that I could sneak in a new pair of panties and *hooray!* a bra of my own and still be under budget. I've appropriated a forgotten bra of my wife's that she hardly ever wears and it fits well but it's a bit....boring. My wife has smallish breasts and a large frame so she wears a 40B. Her forgotten bra is black but otherwise utilitarian with little embellishments to spice it up. I wanted something for myself that was softer, lacier and more girly.

So off to the Target I went. I screwed up my courage and hit the racks (pardon the pun) looking for something fun. No luck. I wanted to stay with the 40B simply so I could wear it discreetly in underdress mode without having unsightly lumps of material over my breasts if I didn't want them to be easily seen.

Apparently it's a very uncommon size. 40 is hard to find and, while I found a few 38's they were all in a C cup or higher. I'm ok with C's personally but, given my druthers, I prefer small breasts. It just so happens that the size I prefer is the one that would work best for me.

Finally I spotted a 38B. A pair actually. Not exactly what I wanted but they were the right size, fun colors and lightly lined. They were more like something a teenager might wear but I thought they would do nicely and tossed them into the cart. I couldn't wait for the next day when I could wear my very own bra bought just for me to work.

So imagine my disappointment the next morning when I held one up to my chest and suddenly realized that there was no way it was going to fit around me and hook in the back. I examined the tag and saw 32B. Wrong tag on the hanger. *dammit!!*

I took them back the next morning. So, as of the time of writing, I still have nothing to call my own. I love the bra I have (stole) and it's the one you see in my pics, but I still want something sexy to call my own.

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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

nice story, thanks for sharing. I know the feeling of buying a br just did it no long ago what rush

excellent! :)

posted a few pics with the new bra. I need some heels like yours though.

Defintely get back to the store to return that one and get the right size! You must have been so frustrated, I know I would have been!

i did. Bought one yesterday at wal-mart and wrote a follow up post. It's a hard size to find.