Finally, My Own Bra

So my last story was all about my failed attempt to buy a bra of my own at the Target. Today it was my turn to be sick (I hope we can get this crap out of the house soon) and this time I headed out to the Wal-Mart to pick up a few drugs hoping to kill this whatever it is. I didn't feel the least bit sexy or turned on but I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to try, once again to find my very own bra. The store was packed but the bra isles were empty and I bravely rifled through the racks looking for something in the right size. I finally found a few padded push-ups in a 38B that were just about what I was looking for.

As I walked back into the main isle and tossed it into my cart I noticed a woman watch me toss it in but that was as far as it got. I trundled off to the self check isles and soon left with my purchase.

For a first bra it isn't bad. It's cute with a little bit of lace and it fits. The down side is that, with the padding I would have to be wearing the bulkiest of winter clothes for it to not be noticed. It seems I'll have to stick with my borrowed bra for discreet underdressing.

Oh well, an outfit for every occassion I guess.
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Put on youre new BRA and proudly wear it. I wear a C cup and no matter what i wear i always have some forward projection and show through. you have to remember that womens tops are fitted to show their boobs where as mensshirts are not fitted because there is nothing on a mans chest to display. I wear a bra everyday. A plune bra that helps to show some cleavage.

i do...just not out

:) glad to hear it hun.

Think you should try wearing it..... it would be worth it.