Shortly after getting married 45 years ago panties were introduced to me and soon after becoming accustomed to them, other will see or know I'm wearing panties etc., white cotton training brassieres joined my daily dressing routine. Then I knew not to sweat the panties but as I matured along came a barrage of different types of brassieres. The worst fitting were underwire with the wire poking and digging into chest but my favorite became Demi's that produce just enough cleavage to enhance the look without making my chest the centerpiece of conversations. Then my wife sent me to Victoria Secrets and the fit, feel and sexiest is by far the best.
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66-70, M
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How many times have you been "found out?" What did you say when they said something?

I'm starting to wear one as well, a water bra to help enhance my B cup bust. Like you, I love the feeling if the hug around my body.

I wear a bra almost all of the time now. I love the feeling to the band hugging me all of the time.

yes it becomes very addicting, I wear mine 24/7 and feel something is missing when I try to not wear one.

I hear you, a constant reminder of just what we are and love.