I Love Wearing My Wife's Panties!

The feel of her panties is incredible! I first tried them about 2 years ago and love to wear them when no one is home. I get hard just thinking about it! I am looking for anyone in the Las Vegas area that subscribes here. If you're out there, please reply to this. Thanks!! If anyone wants a pic, I like to snap photos when alone. I'm going to post a couple later, so just let me know. 
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

" I have jus put on some silky panties tht my wife has taken off it feels so soft n smooth nw I cnt wait 4 the afternoon 2 smell n **** on the panties she has jus taken off

You are very lucky if you and your wife wear the same size that makes it double pleaure for you both. I wear a 6-7 and my wife a 5-6 sometimes I get lucky but only about half the time and then it is usually becasue of stretch fabrics and not silky soft or free form.

I love my panties,so much pleasure from women's undergarments,so little time......

I love panties too. I would love a pic of you in your panties. I will try to send you one if you would like one of me as well