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Panty Shopping

    Shopping is always an adventure. The thoughts that go through your head are scary at times and stimulating at other time or both at the same time. Sometimes it is just a rush of feeling coming from all senses. fear, nervious, excited, aroused, and more. I find that I hope they ask me if I am buying them for myself.  I feel the sales girl and myself are in the same position as far as being exposed. Does she take the chance of insulting a customer and having her manger called because of the insult. I think not. If she gives you an openning to talk about the items take it and show in a sutle way that you like what your buying. If I get comments like " these are nice panties"  " these panties look comfortable" you get the idea. i respond with " i think so too" or" i hope so"  You have now opened the door for more. Shop around and you could get luck and find someone special. If nothing else you end up with a great collection of panties
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I have found it very exciting when I finally say these are not my size do you have them in my size. Usually the girl will pause a second and then smile and say let me look. I love to shop at Fredrics of Hollywood the girls there are so good one in particular will get me more to try on. When she helps me I always leave the door unlocked and a bit open. I let her see a little of me in the panties then if she comes back with more I will ask her if they look alright. if she looks and responds I will ***** and try on more without waiting for her to leave. I often am so hard by the second pair and she will be studering or just staring at my **** and panties. So far only one time have I actually began to drip *** and I got it on the panties. When I said I guess I will have to pay for these she said not if you don't want them. so I asked her what she thought and she said they did not look good on me so I bought several others and thanked her. That was a fun day and I go back a lot.

i so agree with all of you! i think one reason so many of us own so many panties is that we love the thrill of buying them. i do get antsy sometimes when i'm shopping locally and worry about being seen by some random girl from the neighborhood. but especially when out of town, i can spend an hour in the lingerie department. i love to strike up conversations with the sales assistant. i try to be a little shy, embarrassed and sissy at first ... then open up. 98% are delightful and empathetic, especially the teens and 20-somethings.

I would so love to watch you at work with thos sales assistants- it's got to be a great show.
Perhaps I can rent the security camera tapes!

Great topic , I think we al can related to this one . For my self i know the thrill brought out shopping is so enjoyable. When i first started bying my fem things i was so scared and felt guilty like a sneek thief or perve i almost wanted to die.
As I kept shopping and i aged , i realized that the thrill was one of the most enjoyable thing si did in my life. Felling thatsome one would realize i was shping for my self made me tremble but lie so many others i realized i wanted to share the fact with sales girls.
I was at worl one day and saw a sign for a dress mekar and decided to take a chance.I called and asked if they could make a dress for a crosdressing sissy. To my joy they said yes and helped me sizin me and helpng me with all my undergarments three dresses and every thing . I loved every second of the fittings and help. I would tremble and feel so strange bt they treated me like a member of the family . I now always try to share that i looking for my self , and if some one insults me and tells me i am strange , i am even more turned on , guess i like humiliatin also , ut that is another topic . Thanks again Love Penny ps hope my ramblings are not too much for a responce to you great topic ;-)

When working with a sales clerk in a lingerie department, I've never actually said they were for me, but it was obvious. Why? Because I would ask for help for "my" size (5), or for finding a certain style. So the discussion was clearly about finding panties for me. In stores where there is no clerk in the department, I've found female check-out clerks rarely say anything at all other than the generic "did you find everything?" and the occasional male clerk is both quite nice and may even comment favorably on my selection. The last time this happened I suspected he was also a panty wearer.

Yes, it is so much fun to shop for panties. And it's great to engage the sales associate in conversation. You never know what the SA may suggest. She knows the store very well.

As much as I enjoy wearing panties the best part is shopping for them. When I first started shopping I was terrified, now I love it. I will now ask sales people or even random strangers in the lingerie section questions about material / fit ect. Then there is always the best part, the teenage clerk who will always ask are these for your wife, and are then shocked when I reply no they are for me, and do you wear this cut. Nothing better

yes my collection oof nities and panties is very large as well