Where To Get Panties For Your Man

My boyfriend really wants some man panties so I want to get him some for Christmas. Where do you guys get yours or do you just wear women's panties?
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Well manties dont do it for me. I love panties simply because they are , well, womens. No cotton grannies ech! I.especially love vanity fair, wacoal or any type like that. Befors I had purged I had perhaps a.hundred pairs.... I love panties so.so much.

Exactly, Your panty drawer or the lingerie dept at a local dept store or even Wal Mart for that matter. Go with him and help him pick out some interesting ones.

i have found some different ebay sellers in china, that sell silk panties, for a very low price, one that i love for their selection, even skirts and sheets

I am sure that he want's to wear women's panties. Buy him a few different styles the first time and let him decide which style he prefers. Take him to Walmart to let him choose would be another idea.

I am sure that he want's to wear women's panties. Buy him a few different styles the first time and let him decide which style he prefers. Take him to Walmart to let him choose would be another idea.

My wife buys my panties, and I wear what she wants me to wear.Each day she lays out the panties I am to wear,its been this way for nearly 20 years.

Any deptment store that sales underwear should have them. Hanes sale a mans bikini they call them sports breifs, that is what I where. They have the same cut and feel of a ladies panties or just buy ladies the are cheaper then mens and have more colors.

What a great girlfriend!<br />
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I hope you both enjoy them. I'd go for a variety of girl's panties. Hey, they're not so expensive; maybe 3 or 4 pair 9something conservative but sexy like the Vanity Fair, but something sexier like a micro fiber thong, too, definitely something with lacey bits or bows) Mostly, it's about the two of you having some fun together, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both!

go for the ladies panties, he would love the feel , i know i did. ho ho ho

Panties made for men just are Not made of the same soft material as womens. Mens also have seams where womens do not. Where to buy? Any womens dept. Is he a plus size? Lane Bryant or Avenue stores. Do Not waste your time and money trying to buy panties made for men ! They are just NOT satisfactory..

Buy him some cotton bikinis from Victorias Secret. Not plain colors, but pretty patterns, etc.

I think he really wants real panties. Otherwise he will feel jealous of yours and still not be satisfied. Just buy him some real panties and be done ith it. As sexy and provocative as you are willing to indulge his fetish with. Next, you should learn if it is a sexual fetish or if he is truly a closet transsexual. A hard on when he pulls the panties up should tell he story. If he is sexually excited, it's probably an innocent fetish. If not, then he likely feels more natural in panties and that means he's more like me, a transsexual. It does not necessarily mean he likes men though, tat is much more complicated.

I think he want's ladies underpants. I'vetried panties for men and it's not as exciting.

Just go to anywhere you buy your panties and buy them for him in his size if he is bigger than a say size 9 go to WalMart, Lane Bryant (Casique), or maybe Avenue. Online is another good resource, TJMaxx, Marshal's, Ross', are good if your not into paying $20 a pair.

no doubt. if he's used the word panties, he's no longer interested in cotton briefs.. get him some nice full back floral vanity fair panties that you can both enjoy. These have enough coverage in the front that he won't be falling all over the place and the VF floral colors are wonderful.


Panties are Panties....... you can't think that "Man Panties" are anything other than an imitation. I have loved Panties for over 40 years, and have tried so many of them, even those that I thought would be good for me as "Man Panties". I always come back to the real thing, and in this group, isn't the point to actually be wearing womens panties???? I think so. I love Vanity Fair, and Wacoal panties the best, they feel the best and for me at least (middle of the road size) fit the best. They have awesome bras and other liingerie in their lines as well. kisses, Danielle

Womens panties - that is the point. <br />
Man panties are like man made snow - similar but not the same