My First Time Outdoor In Panties

My neighbourlady makes me wear panties and spanks me, i've written about it in my previous stories. One day she asked me to accompany her to some place and i got ready and went to her home. Then she gave me a panties and asked me to wear it under my jeans And i did. Then she, her 3daughters, my sister and me got in her car and started journey. She stopped at beach and we got down.
As it was weekday beach was not crowded and We went to a lone place of beach and settled down. We got into sea, then neighbour asked me not to wet jeans and to drop them and stay in panties. But i rejected that offer and then her daughters started blackmailing me by saying that she would let my friends know about me wearing panties and getting spanked.
I was really sure that they would do that and as we study in same college. there were noone at close distance, so i removed shirt and jeans. Leading to a mischievous victorious laugh from the girls.
I was wearing boy short panties which i got as birthday gift and it was exposing my butt a lot and was full of bright flowers and was compressing my small penis to very smaller size.
I was very much worried by thought of someone seeing me in panties but i was relieved as there was noone at close distance.
And neighbour told me that i should agree with what ever things she say that day. And we were having fun.
Then a group of tourists came, there were more than 50of them of all age groups. As we were in a non crowded quiet place they came to the place where we were standing and settled down. Luckily noone noticed me as i stayed water in my waist height. a few women came to neighbourlady(she stayed on shore) and they were having good conversation. After few minutes she called me to got to her and i denied but then she got angry and i knew that if i won't go then she would spank me at beach itself. I had to walk to them, the women were middle aged they could not stop laughing by seeing me- a 19yr old boy in bright coloured flower boy short. When i got close to them i heard one of them asking neighbour: does n't he have a penis? There's no bulge in his panties! And they all had great laugh.
Then neighbour introduced me to them and they called out to their group that they had a panty boy with them. It was so embarrassing to stand there in that panties by being centre of attention of about 50men and women. And we all got into conversatins with their group members. Normally when i go to beach i do not or i do not get a chance to socialize with unknown people, but when i Wore panties people came to talk with me, and if it maker people notice me its good, is n't it? So i plan to continue wearing panties when i visit beach in future :-)
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great way to go to beach,love being humiliated like that such a turn on!!!

please keep in mind what I said. they cant get away with humililating (sp) you

her 3 friends and your sister, wow, jack me off. did" nt your sister want to give you some support. did you **** her? what about the mother of the other girls. panties or not, you must have gotten some action

Unluckily nothing happened. Even when am hard Neighbourhood lady looks at my 4inch penis with pity or with a grin in her face and she taught the 4girls the same. So they are into sph and i do not think that there's any chance of them having sex with me :-(

I will suck you off for sure!! I even think I would like to watch you **** your sister in front of the girls mother, maybe you can get into the mothers panties wow what if you could get into the daughters panties also. I will suck you in front of everyone there, they will think you are so cool being sucked off in front of all of them

Wonderful story but was't it sort of a turn on being humiliated? To have everyone stare and point you out. I wish that would happen to me. Did you ********** later thinking about what had happened to you?

Yes it was a great turn on to think about it. i had great time back home thinking about it and ************ :-)

But when we were at beach i did not find any man wearing panties and bikini's, everyone was wearing boxers or briefs and they has quite visible bulges while i had none eventhough i was in tight panties

Without any visible bulge and wearing panties and obviously under your Mistresses control you were obviously a gboy, and without any male-member (showing) you were very non-threatening and thus woman feel much safer in approaching you to talk with you.

But I wonder what type of conversation they tried to engage with you? Were they questioning why you were dressed that way? (trying to figure out what your motives or lifestyle was given the way you were dressed) Or did they talk to you more like you were a girl or girly-boy? (more like you had girl interests since you weren't a "real" boy). Or perhaps more as a boy who is strange?

I think being with a woman/Mistress gave you some safety and acceptability in front of all those strangers.

But I wonder if they would have been so accepting if you had been dressed that way if totally alone on the beach? I think if the wrong crowed, i.e. some bully-type guys, might see you as a pantsy and a target, so caution you to be extra careful if trying this panty-beach show when all by yourself!

i would not have done that if she had n't made me do that.
yes her presence made me feel little comfortable even in presence of those strangers.
yes the tourist women were curious about me wearing panties, so i told them the whole story. luckily they did not ask me to show my penis to verify its existence ;-)

the men in that tourist group were in their undies and had clearly visible bulges, while i had no bulge at all eventhough i was wearing a tight boy short panties.<br />
But i felt embarrassed when they looked there with a grin.

I think that was a great outing!

Yes most memorable beach visit

I wear bikini bottoms to the beach but I would not mind wearing my panties too.

i wear my wife's swiming suit, its a little tight, and I have no ****, but I still wear it, to hell with the others

that was awesome an im sure very embrassing panteis wiht all those people at beach an makeing fun of your **** size

Yes very embarrassing

Yes, it was.
The men in that group were in their underwear and had clearly visible bulges and neighbourlady pointed out that to me secretly by saying that its how real men are.
That was humiliating

sonds like a fun time to remember - if not so enjoyable at the time. But panties are made to be seen- wish I was there - we bothcould have shown nice panties

It was not enjoyable then but after that scene was over i felt very thrilled and fun and hot by thinking of it

I got a few pinches and slaps on my butt, at a few men and women, may be its was my boyshort panties that made them do so :-)

It's good that you enjoyed it