I Wear Panties Everyday 24/7

i have been wearing panties for close to 32 years now i started wearing them when i was around 13 or 14. i remember i was fifteen when i stopped wearing whitey tighties and started wearing girls panties except when i had gym class or a dr. appt. now i wear them 24/7 365 with no exceptions yes even to the dr. office. i have had a couple strange looks when someone seen them sticking out the top of my pants but i really don't pay much attention any more. just recently my coworkers found out and i took alot of heat from them but things have cooled down now (work in the steel business with all guys). since my coworkers have found out about me i have found out two others wear them sometimes and one wears them most of the time even to work but they don't want anyone to know at work. the one that wears them most of the time has a cute *** and loves to show it off by bending over when ever i walk pass him just because he now knows i have a crush on him (we are both married to woman) and when he does it i just want to reach out and grab it. we did play a little grab *** with each other but we keep it on the low at work now. he has told me he likes older men and is going to say something to his wife about a possible get together between us. he is cute skinney and young (26ish). more to come later.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

i'll never go back to male style underware they are so plain and blah. i prefer a nice silky pair maybe with a floral print or some lace on it.