Since Childhood

I became drawn to panties at a very young age.  But left them alone once I hit puberty.  Now at 45, I'm divorced and started wearing them again. I threw out all my guy underwear and have two drawers full of all kinds of panties.  That's all I ever wear.  I sleep in them, wear them to work, everywhere really. I want to find a woman who is understanding and wants to be with a guy who wears panties.

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3 Responses Aug 26, 2008

I never wore panties until I older. When my wife didn't want to have sex anymore. I started wearing panties. I wear the big brief type much like my tighty whities. the panties just feel better.<br />

I wish you good luck on your travels, like you i wear mine 24/7

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Great going. I am 47 and have been wearing nylon panties for years. I love lacy panties with bows. like you I wear mine 24/7. My neighbor lets me hang her panties then take them down, fold them and put them in her pantie drawer. PUre bliss