How I Bought My 1st Panties !!

i want to share my experiance that i am a boy 27 and i wear panties daily.


i also do cross dress sometime when i alone at home :) .

it was very thrilling experiance for me to buy my 1st panties from a store . I go to the saleswoman n said " i need woman's undergarments ".

then she said "Panties ? " i said yes and then i told her abt the size. Suddenly a salesman come and he asked me what i want ? i was nervous. then the sales woman said " he need a panties. " then the salesman said he will give it to me. Then sales showed me some panties. I choose Jockey panties . that was cotton panties. then i select them and come out from the store with a smile on my face although i was very nervous in tht store but finally i won ! :)


Now i can purchase panties without any hesitation  ! I hope boys like me will also find it useful.




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5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I was 9 when I went shopping for my first pantie set! I told them it was for my sister. I did not want to put on my mums stuff! I was 13 years old when I found out I was not a 10 in boys cloths! It had a diffrent way of saying what size I was!! Hehe!

That was a nice story, I'm still to nervous to do that. I order mine from online. Maybe one day I'll have the heart to do that but not just yet.

Go, have fun! Wherever you go you won't be the first ...

hi CDX .. u can do that . now it is easy for me to buy panties. You should go and purchase them , and you will find that i was not so tough.

The first is the best: I remember mine well! But after you lose the nervousness and have the freedom, it's still so exciting! And even more so as you progress onto other items, and have no nerves or fear about chat with assistants over size, style and choice. It's exciting to dare, but wonderful to just come to enjoy it all naturally.

I remember, the first time I bought panties, i was really nervous too. I bought panties with images of Pebbles from the Flintstones and a purple cami type bra. I couldn't wait to get home and wear them because they were mine and not my sisters. Now, I can walk into any store and be so confident and have no problems buying anything.

I love panties.<br />
And my silky camisole across my nipples.