Blahhhh And Boaring Male Underwear

I have always felt that generic male underwear is so blahhh and boaring, No color no plazzzzzzzzzzz no different styles, you know the same old same old. And I guess plain white cotton ladies panties are just as blahhh and boaring.  I was what you could call very jealious of girls with there different styles colors and most of all the silks satins and lace.  I wanted to enjoy the feeling of silk satin lace and bows caressing my flesh, a deep desire within me kept ( shall i say nagging ) me, So one day in a stange town I summon the courage to go into the ladys lingerie department, The sales Lady could tell I was nervious So in a reasurring voice she asked if she could help me find anything.  With my voice crackling I advised her that I wanted to buy several pairs of silk panties but was at a lost as to size and style. She asked me if I knew what size the person wore, I advised no I didn't, Then she asked me is the person tiny small medium or large, with out thinking I let it slip my size, a glee came into her eyes at that point and she showed me several different styles and advised me how they would fit. I picked out several pairs, after paying for them the sales lady spoke in a soft reasurring voice said enjoy wearing them. this to say the least took me back somewhat but I thanked her for all her help and understaning. I coul dnot wait to get back to my room and change.

I picked a lovely soft blue silk lace and ribbon panties and slipped them on. The wonderful feelings begain almost instantly and stayed. quelquing my hidden desirs, to this some 40 years later I have never wore a pair of blaahhh boaring mens underwear.

M Moss

MMoss MMoss
61-65, M
Mar 9, 2010