Playtime - it's been a long while since I could indulge in some stockings and heels playtime. I recently bought a pair of black T- strap pumps for my girlfriend and they couldn't have arrived at a better time.

I had a super busy week and I needed a chance to take a little time for myself. With a brand new pair of sexy shoes waiting for me, how could I resist? I put on a pair of burgundy tights and the shoes and vamped my way around the bedroom. The shoes were great fun, but I'm embarrassed to say I was a little wobbly in them at first. I'm so out of practice, I guess, because normally I can slip on a pair of heels and walk like a pro. That means I need to spend a little more quality time in heels.
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T strap shoes are nice. I have a few pairs myself and like wearing them.

Practice makes perfect