For My Woman

Is well worth the worship. Worshiping her in both the bedroom and outside of it is what a man in love does. When she is on his mind all of the time. Wants to be with her and give her the happiness she deserves, for him to treat her with love and respect, desiring her with every breath.

It doesn't matter if she is perfect in the literal sense, she is perfect to him and that is what matters.

Men may think that this is a step down for us but I will tell you that if you worship your woman and she does the same for you the connection in the couple is far more intimate and close. That is what intimacy is about, being close and feeling that person closer to you in emotional connections, not just physical touch.

For me, worshiping my lover is important to me and how she sees that makes all the difference.
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Women want to be worshiped and why shouldn't be their men to do it.... You are very right in that a woman will go where she can to find her happiness and attention, it gives a man a great thrill to be the one to give her that attention.

We need to teach the male gender that worshipping a woman is all he ever has to do to be happy. She may seek sex outside the relationship if she needs it but he must remain true to her and her happiness. There is no greater thrill for a man, knowing that his woman is happy and his only function on earth is to see it so!

Thank you my good friend Snow....<br />
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*high fives Marcus* Our special someones should be treated just that way....

mtvlm - only a great Man whose name begins with that powerful letter - "M" would write an amazing post like this...;)<br />
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no seriously, awesome post, dude. totally behind ya on that one. :)

Mtvlm- Wonderful post and I would expect nothing less from you my friend :)

Thank you Roxanne..... Will worship her like the Queen that she is....

Your words and sentiments are spot on mtvlm and I totally agree with you. When you love a special woman it is the only way to treat her. Brilliant post.

Thanks shadoweyes......

Exactly how I feel! This is what a relationship should be like!

Thanks Kitten... Hope that you can find someone who does that for you.....<br />
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Solei - Want to be an addict of that feeling... Love how it feels...

I love it! Its intoxicating......and I'm a lifelong addict......Help!

Yes it is Pix.... Love it when two people feel that way about each other... It is how I think it should be...

Great post mt!!!! Admiration goes both ways and it's wonderful when both people can feel that way about each other!

Thank you Solei..... all I can say.

Thank you edsturm...

Yes, guy! And I think that all loved women must receive such kind of attention... Great words!