Don't Forget The Bra!

When I set out on my journey to change from Chest to Breasts, I soon realized how important it can be to wear a bra.

I believe anybody who is on that same path should consider wearing a bra as soon as their breasts are large enough.
I've found that bras not only help support breasts but work in other ways, depending on the type of bra. Two examples I have used are Sports Bras and Underwire.

Sports bras can be effective at minimizing breasts if you want to avoid embarrassment. They can also help you control them during activities that might bring discomfort because of the movement of the breasts. Sooner or later your breasts will be large enough to move around and jiggle, and sometimes that jiggling can be a little uncomfortable or even hurt. Sports bras help prevent that.

For me, the most important bra is an underwire with full coverage.
I choose one a cup size larger than the actual.
Being a little larger, they help shape and tone the breasts and make them more attractive. I've fo und that they also help improve the size somewhat.
They allow you to declare to the world that you have breasts and are happy to do so.

The good feeling that comes from showing the shape of your breasts, not hiding it, is a powerful thing.

So, don't deny it. Be all you can.
jamher jamher
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

yes i want to and will be happy woman with C-cup breast in few years