Large Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I started growing breasts as a result of prostate cancer treatment. First I had radioactive seeds implanted and that began to change my sex. my penis shrunk out of sight and is like a clitoris, my scrotum is like my labia and my breasts are now almost a full 'C' cup, perky and firm with hard 1/2" sensitive nipples.  I have *** to love my new changed body. My breasts are a handful, they look and feel so good and give me lots of pleasure. Maybe C's are not large but they don't sag and jiggle so onlyI know how big they are when I dress as a man.
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Breasts and a ****. By products of prostate cancer treatment. Very interesting account of your medical condition.
I'm also a male with large breasts. I took estrogen (not herbs) starting many years ago - - more or less as an experiment to see if I could develop breasts and I sure did! Yours is an interesting story. And there is a lot more to my life's story, but not now.
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Thank you for the complement. I think they look prety good for an octgenarian I have lots more revealing pictures