My Boobs Were A Gift From My Ex-wife

During the last 3 years of our marriage my wife had been substituting hormone pills for some of my medications. She told me i was developing breasts and shrinking genetals because i was such a ***** that my mind was changing my body. I believed her until after she left and i refilled my prescriptions and realized that the pills were not the same. She had left me for a real man by this point and he confirmed that it was something they laughed about.
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8 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I love your boobs I would love to *** all over them

Wow, you look fantastic! So what are you going to do now? Are you going all the way and finish off what your wife started? Can we be friends?

Yummy. I would love to be your man

you have really beautiful breasts ( well in the picture breast. lol) good luck on your journey

I'm sorry they did that to you but now that it's done enjoy it and embrace it.

Your breasts are beautiful. She certainly did give you a wonderful gift. She is probably laughing as a defense mechanism because your breasts look a lot better than hers.

I don't know. Yours are pretty perfect to me. Big doesn't always mean nice. Is mine look half as good as yours when they are done growing I will be a very happy girl.

Wish I had some one like that I'm having a rather hard time getting back in HRT.

Jen if I were you I would send them both a thank you card. Her for giving you your nice breasts and him for taking her off your hands.

Sounds like you have the best of both worlds. See my mangina story,

Sounds like a sexy little circle you have there. You read stories about this but this is real. I'm jealous of you girl.