Man With Large Breasts by lovebigbreasts

I have had large breasts since I was a young boy all through school and my working life I tried to hide them now that I'm retired I'm interested in growing them.
I'm somewhere in the b/c cup range and my wife says I'm bigger than her, I bought a breast pump not quite sure if it is working but they jiggle quite a lot now don't really care what people think.

I do have a question though do women like men with big breasts or does it even matter.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I don't know if most women like breasts on a man. My wife seems to enjoy playing with mine and will tease my nipples to help make me ***. As we get older our testosterone goes down and our estrogen helps grow our breasts. I do not use a breast pump but I pump up my muscles especially my pecs doing flys and other upper body exercise to stay trim and keep my breast tissue firm. This way i do not get saggy and hence the perky *******. Constant pulling and twisting attention tothe nipples keeps them hard and very sensitive so that I can almost *** just playing and pinching. Hey, as we get older who cares what people think. We need to find our pleasures in any way we can. Sex ain't what it used to be with ED and squeaky joints and dry *******.

Our sex lives seemed to have taken the same course. Actually it is better, my wife and I have found a new closeness. We sleep nude and touch each other all night long. She lets me play with her and me. I have journaled the changes. If you would like I will send you the story. send me your emaill on whiteboard.