I Have Very Large Breasts For A Man

I was aware at an early age, say 10, that I had large breasts for a boy. When we'd go to the beach with my cousins, I remember I could squeeze my boobs together with my arms, and make a cleavage that everyone knew was like
their mother might have. I think that's where it started, even though I had already started wearing my sisters panties for excitement.
Then, I started trying on my older sister's bras. She wore a 32D Bali bra, so
they didn't fit tight. I also would adjust the straps to lower them and fill them with her nylons, etc. I don't think I ever got caught not re-adjusting.......? This went on for a few years.
Meanwhile, I was getting very conscious of my growing breasts. I'd go to pool parties and wear a t-shirt so everyone wouldn't notice my boobs, but I'm not sure that fooled anyone. (Wet t-shirt contests?) I was always very shy about getting dressed out for phys. ed. class, delaying tactics, faking showers. I went to high school where in gym class, for swimming, they didn't even give you trunks!
I was sensitive not only about my ****, but I have a small penis, so I was very
self-conscious. It was so unusual for me to be nude, I was sure I was going to
get an erection. It didn't take long.............
Life went by, my desires were many, for girls, mostly, but I was more comfortable getting nude with my boyfriends. Having my first ****** with my best friend, was something fun, and we didn't feel like homosexuals, just very sexy, not afraid to touch each other. It took 9 years for me to lose my "virginity" to a girl, even though I'd had many ******* to that point.
Now, over the many years since then, the many relationships, all heterosexual.
I continue to be aware of my large breasts. I've never stopped being turned on about them, wearing bras, lingerie, etc. I still have to wear clothes that help
me with my self-consciousness, in normal settings. When I'm with my wife,
family or friends, I'll wear button-down, two pocket cotton shirts. I wear x-large
so they hang loosely.
When I'm alone, I like to put on bras, thong panties, pantie hose, lingerie, etc.
I like to show off in public sometimes by wearing thin, white t-shirts that make
my breasts really visible. I also enjoy enhancing my nipples to make the areolae larger and more noticeable. I get brave and go shopping for underwear once in a while. I wear a 42C bra now and it fits normally.
I know there's lots of other guys just like me, and that has helped me know
I'm not alone as a Large-Breasted Man.
chazpotr chazpotr
51-55, M
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I'm sorry you have to be self conscious about your breasts. I like to look at the guys on biggest loser and see their large breasts and aerola and nipples. Most don't look feminine but some have really hot looking **** and nipples.

pls tell me have you ever you and your wife miliing sucking breast each others ,,must be fantastic feeling ,did you go out with wife weraing all owmans clothes ,,

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

yes we also had similar stories...makes a lot more understandable

Holy Crap.....I feel as if I just read my life story....the only exception is that mine are 44B.

Thanks, I don't feel alone these days with all the letters I read about guys like us,
with large breasts. And some who wish they were! I fluctuate between a lage B and a small C. I like bras too......