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Hey, I though I'd introduce myself to everyone. I'm Taylor & I'm sixteen & my boyfriend is leaving for Boot camp in two weeks.I think we've come to the conclusion to break up & when he gets back, if the feelings are still there, get back together. But, I've decided that I don't want to breakup with him. I'm willing to wait for him, & I'm willing to stay faithful. We've been dating for over a year & I don't want to throw that all away just because we're afraid to make a long distance relationship work. I haven't brought this up to him yet, partially because we haven;t had any alone time lately, but mainly because I'm nervous to. Someone who's been in my position, or can relate at all, can you give me some advice? Is it possible to make this work if we both try? We're gonna be in two totally different worlds, I'm in highschool & he's out making something of his life. I'm afraid we'll fall apart from one another & I really odn't want that. regardless of if we breakup, I'll love him & miss him, so why not go through it together? Any one who has any advice, I could use it :)
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Hi Taylor, I'm Sara..My Boyfriend Joined The Marine Corps And Leaves For Bootcamp In 25 Days..I'm In The Same Boat..And Him And I Have Been Dating As Long As You And Your Boyfriend...Don't Break Up..If You Can Stay Faithful And Make It Work You Shouldn't Have Too...I'm Not Breaking Up With Mine...I'm Going To Stay And Wait. Because Thats What You Do For Someone You Love..I Know That Bootcamp Isn't Going To Be Easy Its Going To Be Very Hard But You Can Work At It...You Can Keep Your Mind Off Of Him By Spending Time With Your Friends.. I Know I Haven't Yet Experienced It But I've Been Given Some Great Advice From Someone Who Is Going Through It Right Now..

Hi Taylor, I'm Liz and I am pretty much going through the same thing as you. My bf and I have not decided to break up yet but I feel like that is where his thoughts are headed. It's really scary. Just be really honest. If you two are truly in love then there is no reason why you can't make it work, love knows no bounds. If it comes to it, I am going to tell my Marine straight out that until he doesn't love me anymore, I am not giving up on him. He can break up with me but I am not gonna give up on him until I am damn sure that there is no love left. That may sound stupid but it's all I've got, I hope it helps.

if you two love eachother, then I really don't think you should brake up. My boyfriend Lee and I are going through the same thing, almost. If you love him, then you should really try the long distance relationship. He's going to need you during boot, and I think that being in different worlds will be fine. You can be introduced to something new. :) I don't think you should throw your relationship away just yet, wait untill after he graduates, then see how things are.

I am going to talk to him. In fact, I texted him about an hour ago to ask him to come over tommorrow so we could talk about it. I'm nervous, but I know I have to do it. Maybe he will feel the same way :) & I'm glad you & Sean worked it out :) I imagine the boot camp is going to be like hell, I'm dreading it.

I am in the exact same boat, and i told sean that i loved him and i'd be willing to wait and he said he loved me and that if we truely loved each other that we could make it. and if you really want to stay with him TELL HIM. you never know he could feel the EXACT same way, because sean did, and now we are together, but man this boot camp thing sucks :/