It Feels So Good To Be Back!

hi you guys!
I haven't been on since March.
it's been so hectic in my life lately, I've been back and forth visiting my sister and Jason in California, i went back to school, I've moved and am preparing to graduate from school August 17th.
Jason (my boyfriend who is at Pendleton) is aboutto go on his 6th deployment soon and when he comes back he's being stationed hopefully in VA.
Things are going wonderfully with us, we talk about marriage a lot, although both of us have been married before we're not trying to rush that. but we are definitely both ready for kids.
We've been talking a lot about having babies and decided that next year we're going to start trying:)
life is so good, Do any of you guys remember me still!?
elupchurch elupchurch
22-25, F
Jul 12, 2010