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Hi, I'm Liz. My amazing boyfriend's name is Josh and we've been together for a bit over a month.  I know that seems like a really short period of time but if you met us, you would understand.  Josh and I have been best friends for two years and I have loved him everyday.  On June 14, by some amazing stroke of luck, I was able to make Josh mine.  Ever since then, I've been living in a dream world, I couldn't imagine being any happier.  The thing is, Josh is a Marine and he leaves for basic October 11.  I thought everything was fine and we could make it work but lately he's been talking about how he doesn't know what to do and he doesn't know how we are gonna make this work.   He says he feels like he's gonna be "holding me back.."  And he says that every Marine that he has talked to says that having a girlfriend in basic makes it impossible to get through, they say you either lose the Marines or the girl.  I guess what I need to know is whether or not this is true.  Because if Josh had to pick...I don't wanna think about it.  If it isn't true, if a Marine can make it through basic with a girlfriend then please send me your stories because I need to do something before I lose him.   Thank you.
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Honey, My Boyfriend Leaves The Same Day...I Know How You Feel..Its Not Going To Be Easy... He Can Make It Through That...That Saying II Don't Believe Is True...If You Two Really Wanna Make It Work Then Thats Just What You'll Have To Do. For You It Isn't Going To Be Easy Like I Said But You'll Make It Through Little By Little Everyday. The Letters Will Help Or As So I'm Told By A Friend Going Through It Right Now...Always Getting A Letter Is A Sign They Are Okay So Its Good...If YOu Need Anything Let Me Know.

I agree if he really loves u then it can work. I never met my bf in person, but he was deployed to afghanistan. I really loved him and I know he really loved me too. We talked and txted almost everyday. He made me the happiest I;ve ever been. He was the love of my life and meant the world to me. We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, he wanted to propose to me. I know he was the one. I wouldve never given up on him or us, and I wouldve never left him or do anything to hurt him. I was gonna wait for him as long as it takes for him to come home so we can be together.His contract wouldve been up this year in October or Nov. Sadly, he died a few weeks ago, the day before our 4 month ann. <br />
It isnt gonna be easy at times, a long distance relationship with a Marine is tough.if ur love for each other is strong enough then itll work.<br />
U and ur bf are in my prayers. Don't give up on him. SEMPER FI <3

Thank you :) yeah the whole I'm holding you back thing is bullshit, "He's Just Not That Into You..." taught me that. It's just, Josh is that one guy that I don't think I will ever really get over, I mean I tried for two years and nothing worked. But you're right, I do need to talk to him.

If he really loved you too, he wouldnt loose you no matter what.. He doesnt seem to be compremising anything for you, so why should you. This 'im holding you back' he is a term boys/girls use as reverseve phycology... Or its not you, its me...... All that bullshit you dont need, sit him down and ask him what he really wants, all these questions you have in your head you should be able to ask him without any hesitations and get all the answers you want its not fair on you otherwise! Be wise, have some pride if he doesnt want to be with you, walk away atleast you know you did your part and it didnt work out... You wont have to be curious for the rest of your life wondering what wouldve and couldve happend if you were with this person, becuase you have already had the expeiance with him now you can move on if he doesnt want you... :) He is just one of the 2093490485098 single guys in this world... Find a guy who deserves you.x