I Fell In Love With A Marine

On Sept 2nd, 2010 a girl I went to school with gave me her bf's number and told me to text him, he's a Marine. So i did. Jake and I started getting to know each other and realized we have so much in common. He asked me if I would consider dating him, and what do I look for in a guy. So i told him yes and what I look for.  Sept 6th, 2010, he called me early in the morning my time and asked me if I'd be his girlfriend. I said yes!!! He broke up with the other girl. She kept trying to break us up for a month and a half, but it didn't work because we both really loved each other. Finally she gave up and left us both alone.  Within a few weeks, we already started saying I love you. Right before our 1 month anniversary, he already told me he wants to marry me. I felt the same way.  We knew right away that we wanted to spend our lives together, get married and have a family.  It was hard being so far away from him, never met him in person or seen a pic of him, but we talked and texted almost everyday which was great.  I love how he would randomly tell me he loves me, how much I mean to him, how amazing and wonderful and beautiful I am, how happy he is with me, cant wait to come home so we can be together in each other's arms, how lucky he is to have me, and only wants me. I'd tell him the same thing all the time. I never doubted him at all. After a while, he didnt say it as much but I know he still felt the same way. I always worried about him, especially losing him and he easily put up with me. I was faithful to him and I would never do anything to hurt him or betray him. I wasnt ever gonna give up on him or us.I would've never left him or cheated on him. His contract was almost up too. We were planning our life together. We been dating for 4 months exactly on January 6th, 2011.
Sadly, Jake was killed in Afghanistan by an IED. He was 22. He and another Marine went on an ops mission and their humvee was hit by an IED. Neither of them survived.
Jacob Michael Hetrick aka Jake was the love of my life, he meant the world to me. He was the only guy I wanted to be with. I'll never forget him. He made me the happiest I've ever been and was the best thing that ever happened to me.Jake knew how to make me laugh and smile when I was having a bad day. I was never mad at him. He was my life, my world, my everything.  I fell in love with him right away, even though we never met in person. I kept falling more and more for him everyday. He was the best most amazing, wonderful, incredible, loving, caring, sweet, funny, kind, romantic, smart, sexy, protective bf ever. It's hard to picture my life without him now, I miss him so much. I miss hearing his voice. I honestly really loved him and wanted to marry him. I was looking forward to spending my life with him. I know he felt the same way about me. I know he really loved me.
I know he wants me to move on and be happy. I know he will always be by my side watching over me. Jake will always be in my heart. I'll never stop loving him. I cant believe he's gone, it shouldnt have happened to him. I'm so proud of him. He died fighting for our country, doing what he loved. He was so brave. RIP JACOB MICHAEL HETRICK YOU WILL BE MISSED I LOVE YOU  <3 ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU. SEMPER FI. 
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Semper Fi!

All the miserable futile failed and lost relationships I've had, I wish ended beautifully like this. You're blessed to have had the love, and the pure ending.

This was very sad to read. I too have lost my fiance to an IED blast in Afghanistan almost two months ago and I'm struggling to put my life back together. I hope that you have found some peace in your life since then...my heart goes out to you.

Thanks everyone, it means alot to me. He was truly incredible and brave. I remember a convo and he told me if anything like this happens to him, just remember he died doin what he loves. and also he said he wants me to move on and be happy again. Its so hard still. Yes i will always love him and think about him. I know he is watchin over me from heaven. He'll always be by my side and in my heart. I'll never forget him. <br />
The thing that sucks is some of my friends and family doubt what happened to him. They think its a cover up for a break up. I know he wouldnt do that to me and put me through this much misery and heartache. I know he really loved me and cared about me and my needs and feelings. We wanted to spend our lives together. He wanted to propose to me

omg that had me in tears!! im sooo sorry that happened to you!! im here if you ever wanna talk. im soo glad you have memories with him. i wish you the best in the rest of ur life

Oh my gosh. i am so sorry. He was a wonderful marine, doing the best duty for his country. More marines should get recoginzed then these stupid tv and movie celebs. I am so sorry for your loss of your man. he was a brave marine, im sure you will always love him and think about him. Try to stay strong <3 Hes probably watching over you right now in heaven <3 you can message me whenever you want, ill listen to you.

thanks. I cant stop thinkin about him and all of our phone convos and txt messages. I can still hear his voice tellin me how much he loves me and how haappy he was that we were together. It sucks tho that we never met in person, and I dont have any pics of him either

I am sooo sorry to hear of your loss! But, you have many memories to remember him by. I know some days, at least for me, thinking of memories is what gets me through the day when I miss my bf. If you ever need to talk or need anything feel free to message me. I am here for you!