If You Stand By Your Marine.. Watch Theses <3

http://youtu.be/yFtOTvFNpso-This One Is Just For Marines <3

http://youtu.be/Qpc9deWGtKs-This One Is Military In General But It Fits <3

http://youtu.be/81XinIiWmXo- This Is All Marines Too <3

http://youtu.be/uFfd9eMdzbI- This Is An Actual Marine Singing This Sone. Cpl.David Thibodeaux <3 (Its From The Dixie Chicks Song, "Im Not REady To Make Nice")

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9 Responses Oct 2, 2011

Mine Wont be here for halloween, thanksgiving, my birthday christmas or even new years.

Mine won't be home for christmas :(

He graduates in january.

I Cant Wait To See My Marine Graduate Bootcamp.. I've Never Seen A Military Graduation Before :)

She gave me the idea lol im going to do it :)

Lmao me too <3

Okay I've seen all of them like 3 times each and I still cry!

Your welcome. And im glad im not the only who looks for videos :)

I love these <3 thanks for posting! i look for videos like this all the time