If Someone Ever Tells You Its Easy, Just Say This....

You think that you can make it as a Military girlfriend/fiance/spouse well maybe you should take a day in our shoes. Trust me its not a walk in the park defiantly not, I always thought it would be the easiest thing to do.. but man I have been proven wrong. It has taken me to fall in love with a Marine to him leaving for boot-camp a few days ago to realize that its not going to be a walk in the park. You try being away from the one you love with no phone calls, emails, just letters when you don't know when your going to get your first one to were your also going to be getting your next one.You don't know how long its going to be tell you see him, and/or you do an the days seem to be fast but at the same time uber freaking slow.It just slow kills you the days that you don't get to hear from them an your always worrying about if they are okay or if something bad has happened. you think it's easy and you can do it? well then maybe you should walk in our shows for a day or two.
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2 Responses Jan 26, 2012

I'm in the same shoes right now. My fiancé left today and he will be off to mcrd tomorrow. It's hard but I believe I am strong enough to support him from home and that he will get through it and be a better man.

amen sister... but this is yall first real test to see if yall can handle it like you say its not for the weak.. thats for sure .. you learn how strong of a person you really are and how much you love them.. the distance just brings yall closer.. it really does.. i wish yall guys the best of luck... im excited for you to get your first letter and the tears run down your cheeks... as everyone watched you and is unsure what to say bc your right THEY HAVE NOT A CLUE WHAT YOUR GOIN THROUGH!!!