Need Someone To Talk To Serious

I dont know who else to turn to or will listen .I know already and I need someone to talk to .I know he over afghanistan and 2 more weeks will be a month so far .Before he got deployed he was talking to one of the military guys on facebook and he was telling my boyfriend to chill becuase my boyfriend was slipping out saying he might not make it home alive .This guy says becuase what he dose he might be on base and might not depends .I know when he got there he was texting me alot and then it slowed down and I know something was up he text me saying I should have a better boyfriend but the same day he told me "kim I wanted to let you know that I dont think Im going to come home alive .Thats the biggest thing I been hiding from you .;I dont know if he stressed becuase its our first deployment or what .The 14 he was stressed about his platoon the military people there and then Then the 20 he was stressed then the other day he told me he might not make it home.I dont know if he in the middle of this or he just stressed and scared or something .
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I know it's hard to go through this but just be very careful about what you post about his deployment, that includes his MOS, rate, rank, unit, location, when he left, when he is coming home, etc etc. It can be very dangerous not only for him but also for every other Marine with him. Just be safe.

!!!! like I dont give out his adress or anything and trust me I know

I am just giving you the same advice I was given during my first deployment with my Marine.

Well you can always message me if you need to talk. Im stil having a hard time adjusting to my boyfriend being in bootcamp so Idk how I will handle it when he gets deployed.

all I know is he moves things around .His sister says that he not going off ba<x>se but think he just saying thaqt but I think he telling the truth so I feel so much better .

Oh my gosh I am really sorry to hear that what is his mos? And im sure he is just really scared. My boyfriend is still in bootcamp but I am horrified for the day he gets deployed.