Hi Ladies I'm New!

Hi ladies!
Sorry if you have seen this on other groups I'm just trying to reach as many people as possible

So I have been looking online for a month or so now looking for as much information as I can about the marines and just joined this group now! So my boyfriend is a U.S. Marine and I am so proud of him! I met my boyfriend about eight years ago, he and my older brother met in high school and became very good friends so I have known him for a long time but only on a 'just friends' level. We kept in contact a little, as I was home at school and he was now in the marines, but it wasn't until recently that he and I began really talking and catching up which led to us to talking constantly and then developing feelings for each other (he had liked me before but had kept his distance worried about our three year age difference at the time). He is currently in the middle of a deployment and wont be home for a couple of months (hopefully). We have decided that we are together but also that he and I would both like to wait until he comes home to make everything official because he would like to officially ask me out in person and we would like to spend time together. So anyway I am very new to this and I don't know anyone that I can talk to about this so I am just looking for any advice, stories, or support that anyone has to give! Thanks so much ladies! Stay strong! <3
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lol no problem and yes that would be great!

Keep strong, my sailor was recently told he was accepted as a Pilot for the Navy and I'm not sure how long it'll be when we have to drop him off at the airport. I'm new to this too, but this is what I'd do, I'd keep busy, work my tail off and if you're in school do well to. Try not to get depressed when he's gone, It'll be inevitable... but try to cheer up because he'll be back in your arms and he will ask you out personally. Just think of the positive outcomes. Write whenever you're down, write on this blog it'll help. Have your friends around to listen, because it's going to be very helpful.<br />
Good luck<br />
If anything message me. I'll need someone to talk as well. :)

Thanks so much for the advice!! :) I do have a lot of things to keep me busy so that should be good and I plan to write a lot of letters :) thanks so much!! :) I'll message you!