My Boyfriend Is In Boot Camp

Im new to this site but am so thankful for it! My boyfriend has been in boot camp for two weeks now. I'm not so much depressed but more lonely. I defiantly need someone to talk to who can relate. I try and talk to my friends but they don't really care because they don't know what Im going through. Please comment and let me know how the site works please:) Thanks:)
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

I understand 100% .. my boyfriend also way at basic for USMC he has been gone for 5 weeks today .. and it does get easier .. just look foward to all the letters before you know it your going to be at your 5 week point .

My boyfriends about to head for boot camp, I'm pretty bummed that I have to go thru my senior year, without him with me :(

Hi:) yay I'm so happy you commented! I'm not sure how to message you but I'll figure it out:)

I know exactly what your going through. My boyfriend is in the Marines and i get to see him twice this year and hes getting deployed soon. Its tough but you can get trough it :)

hey i m new to this as well :) i just wrote my story you can read it if you want and then you'll know all about me.. i miss my bf too. he's also in army. and i can totally understand what you are going through...