Well my marine and I havent even been dating a full month but everything just seems so perfect. The few times we've hung out its never been awkward or weird, everything just falls into place and I love it. But I love him more. I was never anti or pro military relationships I just never had the chance to actually experience one and it's not so bad actually. I live in Texas and he's from Cali. I'm about to leave for college in August and I'll be going to Iowa do on the upside at least I know dating someone in the military is pretty muh going to be long distance either way. He leaves Texas in less than three weeks and it doesn't devastate me but it does hurt to know I can't just drive an hour to go see him. I really love this man and am prepared to go to the fullest just to keep him by my side. Any ideas or suggestions as to how to keep this relationship afloat being states away? I know it's not the same as others who leave the states but I know it'll still be hard. But I'm new at this so any advice would be helpful. Thanks:)
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that's great that you found someone that makes you feel like that! It's a good feeling. Skype will become your best friend. My marine and I were long distance for a year and a half before we were finally able to move in together 3 weeks ago. I was away finishing up school in ohio and he was in NC. You both will need some serious communication skills. Communication will get you through the rough times and it will make you feel better knowing that both of you are keeping up with one another's schedules. Oh schedule in skype dates. That always seemed to help us. Make it so that you are only focusing on him and he is only focusing on you. I can't tell you how many times I was on skype with him and he would be playing video games at the same time. Oh it's frustrating haha! Just keep the communication line open and if you ever start to feel frustrated or if he starts to get frustrated because of your schedules then have a pact that you both will bring it up to the other. Trust me it really helps. Our communication skills are good and sometimes they are too good haha! I hope that helps. Message me if you need anything :)

Thank you so much for that. We said our "see you soon's" yesterday at the airport because we hate goodbye's. It was a bit harder than I thought to see him leave. And so far in our relationship communication has been a big thing, it just helps with everything. But yet again, thanks! :)