How Many Days Of Leave Doe He Get After Graduation? Christmas Exodus?

My boyfriend is graduating Nov. 30th I've heard they get 10 days of leave and then they have to go to their next schooling. What exactly happens after graduation? And what exactly is christmas exodus? Do marines have that? Will he be able to stay longer or come back? Any information would be helpful, thanks so much :)
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After graduation, they get 10 days leave to do what ever they want. Visit family, friends, you name it. However, once the 10 days are up they have to head back to schooling. This time it's Marine Combat Training, or MCT. Now here's the part that's a little fuzzy for me. With my recruit of a Marine, his schooling will take around 6 weeks but after that's up, he heads off to Military Occupational Specialty, aka MOS. Time varies about the occupation. What I'm not so clear about is the grace period (or if there even is one) between MCT and MOS.

As for extended period of time, I've never heard about Christmas Exodus but I do know that depending on the situation, and something to do with their Recruiter, some Marines can get a few more days of leave between Boot and MCT.

It isn't much but I hope the little bit of info helps.

They (usually) go straight from MCT to MOS just to clear that idea about Christmas exodus tho

Thought so. :( Sadness. My guy goes straight from Camp Pend to a base in Florida.

Thanks so much guys that's really helpful :) kindof hoping my boyfriend gets a base in Florida because we both live there.
Anyways thanks for helping me out, i guess now it's just more of a waiting game.

Its always a waiting game with the corps. Just remember, Boot, MCT and MOS may seem like a long time while they're happening but you will look back on it and realize it wasnt that bad. (: hope time passes quickly for both of you!! and fingers crossed you get a PDS where you can visit your guys often (or just one you enjoy if you're moving with them) lol. <3

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