Couldn't Be Happier.

well i suppose i should introduce myself.
My name is Ashlee and my boyfriends name is Alex. our story is very long and complicated so i think i'll just start from the beginning :).

i was only 15 and i was head over heals for a guy named CJ who was the same age as me. I was an idiot looking back now because i would have done anything for that boy and he didn't deserve any of it! he wouldn't talk to me for days and weeks and then when i finally got a hold of him he still wouldn't say anything so id break up with him and then he would say that he never wanted to break up so then id feel like complete crap. well i wen't into the hospital one time and he didn't even care and that was the last straw. i ended it for good but i was left completely heart broken. i wouldn't go out with friends or anything. All i wanted to do was sit by myself and sulk in my sadness.

one night i was just hanging out in my room already in my PJ's. My friend Chris calls (he's like my brother figure) and hes with his girlfriend (finace now) Courtney who also happens to be my best friend. they told me i was going out with them whether i liked it or not. so i got dressed did my make up and they picked me up. it was Chris's 18th birthday and we were going bowling. they said they were going to get Alex and that i was going to think he was really hot and all this other stuff. well i just blew it off because of course i thought that i would never like anyone else again because of CJ. but sure enough Alex starts walking to the car and my mouth dropped. i told Courtney before Alex and Chris got into the car how hot i thought he was and everything. As soon as the car started to pull out of the driveway Courtney's mouth starts going and she starts telling him EVERYTHING i just told her.. i was mortified!! but some how he didn't care and we started talking and getting to know each other. by the end of the night i got his number and he got mine and we ended with a goodnight kiss.

that was 15 days before he left for bootcamp so the relationship was pretty much only friend based. i didnt think we would ever be anything. then randomly last December he called me and asked me on a date and we have been inseprable ever since. I love him and he loves me and we couldnt be happier together.
ashbear101 ashbear101
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012