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My boyfriend will be leaving for basics soon. He wants to join the marines. We are a young couple. He is 18, and I am 17. We have been together for 2 months today. I know most people will think that our relationship will not amount to anything because we are young. I have been told that before, but we really care about each other and want to make our relationship to last for a very long time. He is the guy of my dreams. My family loves him, and he treats my little sister like the young woman she is becoming which I have found is hard to find. He treats me amazing especially after coming out of a verbally abusive relationship a few years ago. I have finally found someone who truly respects and cares about me. I would love and greatly appreciate any advice on what it is like to be a military girlfriend and what to expect during basics. I know nothing about that military and any information would be greatly appreciated. I am also wanting to make friends in a similar situation to help me through this, and I found this website.(: I hope I can get some advice here(:
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Hi there :)
First off, if you want to private message me, feel free to do so.
People will always judge for a variety of reasons but you're your own person and this is your relationship, so if you want this to last, my advice to you is: Do NOT listen to them. It's okay to take advice and listen to other peoples opinions but they shouldn't influence you to the extent that they could harm the health of your relationship.
You want to learn about what its like to be a military girlfriend? Well, I can't tell you that. No one really can. I can only tell you from my experiences and tell you what is common so here it goes:
It's hard. It's really, 'excuse my language, ******* hard. Bootcamp is 3 months long during which he won't be able to have any sort of communication other than letters. Yea, it sucks but it's doable and trust me, afterwards, you'll be much stronger. Will he change? Maybe. My boyfriend changed, but only for the better. He was 18 when he went in and it's been over a year since he's completed bootcamp. He matured a lot and appreciated me even more than before. After boot is his 10 day leave. Next is mos and mct training where they basically specialize on their job. Then they go to their permanent duty station and work and/or get deployed.
My boyfriend went to bootcamp last year in december, got out in march, came home, but I wasn't home, then went to Cali for more training and in May got orders to go to japan for 24 months. In June I saw him one last time before he left for japan. That's where he is now. This entire year I have seen him for 10 days. I'm telling you, it's just hard. I don't know how else to describe it. Be sure you want to do this, don't break up with him during bootcamp and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into because I surely didn't.
Expect changes. Things change all the time and nothing is ever really certain. The next time you see him, where he will be next year this time, if he'll get deployed.. etc. Expect anything. Be supportive. Learn how to talk because for the next couple years thats what your relationship consists of. Due to the 14 hour time difference between us, I stay up til 4am ever weekend because thats the only way of us talking.
You see, it's work. Why do I do it? Why do I put up with it?
Well, thats easy and i'll give you the same answer all of us would give you. I love him and he's worth it. I may not get to see him whenever I like to but when I do, every single second spent is spent in the most perfect form. You won't have a quantity of time anymore therefore you will just have to make it quality.
I'm sorry this is so long. I just got into it.
Good Luck.

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