Its Not Ok

My bf havent gotten any of my letters. He thought i was ingnoring him. I hope he gets me letters soon.

I kept writing him positive letters. I want to tell himm soo bad that im not ok. That it kills me. I miss our dates. I miss it wen he hugs me tightly when im sad. I miss this ugly face he makes everytime he doesnt like something. I dont kno how to tell him that even though i keep my self busy everynight i would still cry for him. I want him to comfort me. But i just cant say all this problems wen his out doing bootcamp. I want him to know that im ok even though im not.
HoneyKZ HoneyKZ
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I know exatly what you mean. I have written about 8 letters to my recruit and I've gotten 4 from him and none of his have any indication that he's gotten even one of my letters. What is with their postal services? It's very frustrating because I want him to know what I'm up to and how I am and that I'm so proud of him and his say that he feels alone and sad and I don't know what I can do. I write him all the time and I'm upset that he isn't getting my letters.

I kno exactly how u feel. I got atleast 8letters saying he didnt get any letter. U just have to wait. Write everyday cuz he'll get it sooner or later. Tell him he has to b patient. My bf was freaking out too he kept telling me to find time to write when i've been writing letters. It just takes time :)