How Do You All Manage!?

My name is Jensine and I just recently watch my boyfriend of almost two years leave me again for SOI training. I'm pretty sure one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with missing someone so much, and not even being able to pick up the phone to at least hear his voice. I've been trying to do things to keep the fact that he's not around off my mind, but anytime my mind gets the chances to wander, i automatically think of him. I seem to be okay during the day, work and classes seem to keep me occupied, but my worst struggles are at night. I know the day i'm able to hold him in my arms again will be beyond worth it, its just a matter of finding the strength within me to make it to that day! I miss him more than words can explain! How do you all do this and manage to deal with the separation???
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Thank you so much for all your advice by the away! I really do appreciate the support!

Its funny that you said something about kinda keeping a journal, a couple nights ago, whenever it really started to get to me, i decided to just start writing him letters!!! Its actually helped a lot too!

It really does because you can get how you feel out on paper and not have to have him worry about you and how bad or frustrated or even upset you are with the whole situation

My marine is deployed and actually is due to come home anytime now. The one thing that helps me at night is keeping a journal and writing in it. I tell him how I feel and things that have happened. It really helps clear my mind before bed

hey girl :)
well i remember when my marine went to SOI, for some reason that has been the hardest time for us to say goodbyes. my marine is deployed now and it still wasn't as hard. i think its harder when they leave to SOI because they have just gotten back from bootcamp and you're still adjusting to being so long with out them. my advice is accept that your "norm" is going to constantly change for your relationship. STAY BUSY!!! i know night time is that hardest. just stay strong, and learn to adjust to the changes. being sad about him gone only makes the time go slower. my marine has been deployed 4 months now, and it doesn't seem that long because I've stayed busy and pray for his safety all the time. then you realize how you wish they were back at SOI because at least they were in the states, although i know my marine would rather be deployed lol, him and my brother who is also a marine really hated SOI. going on this website really helps, there are more people to talk to that understand what you're actually going through. this journey truly makes your relationship stronger. hang in there girl, I'm here if you want to message me.


I haven't been doing too much since he left, i've had the weekend off and my classes don't start back till Monday, so i'm really hoping it will help! i've had some people tell me its easier as time starts to pass, i'm not too sure about all that, but positive thinking seems to be my best bet at this point! Thank you so much!

It's hard but it's easy., i know exactly what you mean. I try to keep myself pretty occupied, but i keep his pictures everywhere, his shirt stays with me in my room, and i tell myself he will be home soon.
Positive thinking makes it easier i guess.
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