So a couple weeks before my marine left I caught him hanging out with a different girl. They were flirting and it broke my heart. I have dated him for 2 years and I forgave him. Do you think the marines with shape him up? Or just make it worse?
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My stance on this is that some service members say Oh your girl is probably going to cheat on you all the time and betray you because you're away. But reality is that they could do the same. Even if being a marine changes him, he still has the potential to do something that could hurt you. He's a guy. No, not all guys would cheat when given the chance but if there's a track record, I wouldn't bet all my chips on him to stay faithful. Good luck. God bless.

Some marines mature in bootcamp and realize what they have at home. others don't change in any way. Some guys will live by once a cheater always a cheater and some do it once and regret it like crazy and never do it again. Don't get all wrapped up in it. Wait it out and see what happens. The marine corps doesn't make it worse or better,, sometimes the experience teaches them to value a good woman, other times the space apart makes them feel like its okay to cheat when there are other girls at their disposal who dont care. You have to read your relationship once he gets back, if he seems like he's really sorry for what he did and you feel like you can trust him then trust him until he gives you a bigger reason not to. My bf has flirted and talked to other girls inappropriately but we got through it, sometimes it creeps into the back of my mind but i don't worry about it unless given a reason to. I know deep down he loves me and he knows if he ever were to actually cheat he'd lose it all, but we also both have a lot invested in this relationship and we have learned how to get through all the bad ****...the corps just makes its own challenges on top of the normal relationship stuff.

my boyfriend is in the marines and he cheated one year ago. and his friend who is a marine cheated on his girlfriend too and she is my friend. my advice to you is don't be naive. if you feel like things have changed or you're getting a gut feeling he might be cheating then he most likely is or will. it depends on the guys he decides to hangout with in the corps. my boyfriend started acting different when he got stationed in a different state. he was far away and had the weekends to do whatever he wanted. i didn't like the group of guys he was hanging out with. fast forward, he cheated. we broke up, he found himself again and stopped following what his friends were doing. i don't have time for an immature guy playing games. he realized that and now we are happily together. its still a tough journey but we are in a happy place now. he stopped going out and would stay in his barracks on the phone talking and skyping with me :)
the corps doesn't relate to the fact whether he will cheat or not. it's whether your marine is mature enough to be in a serious relationship. if he's not then he needs to be honest with you and tell you that he wants to be young and single for now. don't let this subject go unsolved. communication is very important in a relationship, you'll sink without it. and know that there are military groupies, those nasty gals like to lure them in. but you need to trust your man to stay away from them. the marines are even given classes to stay away from them lol. my marine tells me if someone hits on him, or if a "model" messages him on fb and tries to thank him for his service lol. its all in good humor now for us because we trust each other. but like i said don't be naive, go with your gut feeling. hope this helped! message me anytime, unfortunately i do have experience in this field so I'm here to talk if you want.


Do you think that being in the marines will encourage it more?

I agree with jwiththebigbrain, it has no relation. They do try to make them moral men but it is the same like with your house education: your parents tell you not to lie and you do it anyways.

To answer your question: no, I don't think that being in the Marines would change anything.

I think the marine corps has nothing to do with it. They used to try to instill honor and integrity into new marines. I don't know if that is still the case.... but... if there are problems between the two of you, deployments and "being in the field" don't usually help. If y'all are on the problems. people don't usually step outside of their relationship unless there is something wrong in the first place. Good luck...if you want it, I hope it works out in your favor.